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Now David wants to be a doctor..

Our Mission

There are many children in remote corners of the world whose lives could be dramatically improved if only they had access to modern healthcare. The mission of Glenwell Foundation is to facilitate the specialised medical treatment of children who need it most.

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How It Works

By working directly with the families of the children that need medical help and leading hospitals that can deliver it, we keep our overheads to a minimum. Our experts examine each case individually, identify the most suitable medical facility and organise treatment, travel and support. 

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Step One


Through direct applications and doctor referrals our specialists identify the cases that would benefit most from our assistance.


Step Two


The logistics of arranging visas, transportation, accommodation are supported by our trusted regional partners.

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Step Three


The child undergoes treatment with an appointed representative providing assistance and support throughout.

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Step Four


On completion of the treatment the child is returned home, with arrangements in place to ensure suitable aftercare.


We welcome requests for treatment of children with serious conditions, if the treatment is not available or cannot be accessed locally and would significantly improve child's quality of life.

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Who Can We Help

  • Children up to 18 years of age

  • Diagnosed with a serious medical condition

  • Proposed treatment is likely to improve quality of life

  • No means of obtaining suitable treatment without our assistance

  • We welcome applicants from anywhere in the world


Information We Need

  • Submit contact form below describing the case

  • Following initial review, we may ask for:

    • Child's medical records

    • Report signed by a doctor, containing details of the clinical condition and required treatment

    • Relevant test results, e.g. x-ray, bloods, MRI

Next Steps

  • The case is reviewed by experienced clinicians

  • Report is sent to the relevant clinic for assessment

  • If the clinic agrees to provide treatment:

    • We provide the applicant with a complete medical plan

    • The plan includes all logistics, including travel and accommodation

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